Access To Information And Knowledge In Post-War Reconstruction In Sierra Leone

It is frequently said the we reside in an ‘Information Age’. The leaders of the USA talk of an Information Superhighway; the EU of an Information Society; academics terminology of a network society, and knowledge economy’. Leading business strategists articulate the present Knowledge is replacing financial capital as a key resource for companies. The modern realization is that any society that strives to augment requires increasingly supplementary data and knowledge activities as these facilitate the measurement of change in every fabric of society. What do we know by the terms INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE?

Information and knowledge
Two schools of thought exist. We are apt to think that Information and Knowledge are synonymous and are hence used inter-changeably. However there is a difference. Information is usually a selection of documents/ideas in a particular subject or time period of questions which may or may not have been digested necessarily. It therefore has the potential of becoming Knowledge. Knowledge, on the larger amount of hand, can be of two kinds: tacit and explicit, the latter in posession of greater similarity with Information but not exclusively so. A collection of books, for example, may be described as a body of knowledge and every document representing abreast tools who are likely to influence others when digested. Such knowledge, when acquired serves, among others, as experiences, ideas and skills in the form of Tacit Knowledge.

Information is one of the principle sources of knowledge. It is shared knowledge, having been communicated and usually obtained by study and investigation. Abate (1988) referred to information as cleverness and knowledge that contributes to the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of society, irrespective of the form it is inscribed (eg text; figures); medium stored (eg paper, magnetic tapes); mode of dissemination (eg oral, written); societal activity that gives rise to it(eg research, census); and the institutions that organize and disseminate it( eg library and data centre).

Knowledge, on the other hand, is what one knows. Davenport and Prusak (1998) defined it as a fluid mix of framed experiences, values, contextual information and proficient insights too supply a framework for evaluating and incorporating new experiences and information. That is to say Knowledge involves human reaction to information. For instance if one is able to understand simple written description to a particular illness, that is information. However, if we deliberation that someone was suffering from that illness, multiple of us should lead to that the body headed to see a medical doctor. This is because the doctor has a body of knowledge that is a combination of information regarding that illness, information regarding the human body, about other illnesses and experiences of similar cases and training.

Information and Knowledge are amongst the world’s most important equipment needed daily to deal with problems and motivate decisions affecting the future. According to Mchombu (1995),for any community to function efficiently and productively, a simple the very least inventory of usable information is essential. Aboyade (1987) posited that enough information is essential for strengthening the link between the indicators and the beneficiaries of development effort, and for making rural persons can make out and appreciate the benefits of the development programmes to their lives. What shoppers carry out in organizations, he added, depends largely upon the information and knowledge properties possess. Increasingly the degree of success enjoyed by firms and the people who work for them depends on how well properties manage the information and knowledge. These are the strategic assets of the enterprise.

The Civil War
The decade for a while now civil war (1991-2001) that caused untold suffering to the people of Sierra Leone was rooted in a good number of decades of injustice, bad governance, corruption and mis-management. Currently the country is in the throes of post-war reconstruction amongst government’s a multitude of developmental challenges making democracy and superior governance, improved economy, health, education, mining, human rights and food security, rural development, anti-corruption and improved road infrastructure. These challenges require:
• effective public administration and market management
• development of viable manufacturing, service and foreign trade
• harnessing of Science and Technology including Indigenous Knowledge.

These form the basis of the country’s Vision 2025.

To facilitate the afore-mentioned entrance to guidelines and knowledge assumes a significant role. A cursory historical reference is adequate to demonstrate the view. When the civil war broke out in 1991 the official reason shared by Sierra Leoneans was that it was a skirmish between Charles Taylor’s NPFL fighters and Sierra Leone soldiers over a business transaction. Hardly was there any information on the real identity of the RUF, their ideology, ultimate objectives and operational strategy and the foreign dimension of their activities. Consequently the war was not given the attention it deserved. The lack of knowledge or enough information was reflected on some of the terms expended to refer to the RUF even when the war swallowed up the country. In fact, regrettably, continuing to the root causes of the conflict got not properly comprehended or analyzed to circumstances the foundation for peace initiative. Thus the country was demolilshed to reckless abandon.

Access to tips and knowledge is indispensable to exact advancement as well as to national growth. The right data provided when it is needed, where it is needed and the form in which it is needed, improves the ability of an particular and business, a federal agency or a little kind of organization to bring in informed decisions and achieve particular goals. The added value that is derived from entrance to information and knowledge is the current the country will benefit and it will take less while to be reflected in our output as individuals, as specialists in a country, and as a nation as a whole. What we produce, waste and exchange as a nation determines our status in relation to others across the world. It is the extent that we are able to be creative in our respective spheres of activity that determines how well or badly, we perform against others. The UNDP says it all.

The concept of access to information and knowledge in Sierra Leone has restricted application and interpretation. It is uneasy with the machinery of promoting journalists and a larger amount of media agencies with access to those constituent elements in news building and delivery. Hardly any mention is made about entrance to information and knowledge outside these parameters. Sadly the much talked about access is severely constrained by many factors to include weak communication systems, low literacy level, poverty, passive and stereotyped services offered in libraries established on donated book collection, slang barriers and above all the lack of political is planning to to bring certain sorts of information to public knowledge.

The library scene in Sierra Leone
Libraries command respect in society as storehouses of knowledge. Their levels is acknowledged without reservation as monumental sums of money are spent on them outstandingly in advanced countries for the provision of timely and accurate information. Sierra Leone’s library scene is made up of public/national, school, academic, teacher training college, polytechnic and special libraries, documentation, information and resource centres. These institutions vary in size and complexity and collectively they are the foundation on which a nation-wide info network is to be built if properties are to provide effective entrance to guidelines and knowledge in the country’s post-war reconstruction era. It is, however, unfortunate to state right here that such professionals are not developing according to national plan and consequently the raise continues to be uneven and lacks cohesion. Also banking support is not keeping pace with increasing cost; the libraries are under increased pressure to give a tool in more breath and depth to a wide range of clientele the vary in age, education and interests.

Not withstanding these problems librarians have a part to play in order to put the country on a sound developmental footing, truly among the provision of access to information and knowledge.

Vital Information and Strategies for Bulimia Therapy

It is known that bulimia can at times result in death if it is not treated and allowed to continue. Bulimia is well recognized, and it is characterized by over eating binges and inflicting oneself to throw up. Along with throwing up, you’ll find some people who use laxatives in abnormal amounts. It is common for people with this condition to perceive themselves as being too heavy, and generally that is false. The perception is linked with food and weight, and it is this view that is grossly out of touch with truth. A widespread time frame for bulimia to appear is shortly once puberty occurs, perhaps several years following this change. You’ll find other issues connected and possibly instrumental to this condition including pressures, depression, low self esteem as well as others.

The untreated bulimic can experience life threatening lack of ample nutrition and excessive loss of fluids. This disorder can strike almost anyone if the circumstances are right, and some well-known women have passed away from the problems of bulimia. The singer, Karen Carpenter, tried to get over bulimia for a number of years. Then she lost her battle and succumbed to it for reasons involving heart impairment from bulimia. What is of primary concern is for you to do something about this without delay because it is feasible to successfully address it and overcome it.

If this disorder is left to go on, then that could produce critical inadequacies of many vital minerals besides other biochemical elements. In cases where heavy use of laxatives is associated, then that may make the person seriously constipated. If there’s heavy and frequent vomiting, then too much contact with stomach acid can lead to difficulties in the throat and mouth areas. The acid constantly being introduced into the mouth may result in gum infections, inflammation and abnormally high quantity of cavities. Then, there are quite possibly fatal injury to the kidneys and heart functions. Our bodies need a particular amount of electrolytes for well being, and which is what can be lost because of dehydration. That condition may often cause heart failure. Surprisingly, about ten percent of bulimics perish from this illness.

Effective treatment methods of this disorder consists of the patient and family unit, family doctors, and professional psychiatric or psychological therapies and treatment. Medical doctors might enlist the support of a professional dietician to develop a special diet to deal with critical loss of nutrients. The patient will indulge the services of professional treatments to correct the unhealthy behaviors involving eating excessively and elimination. It has been found to succeed with some patients if they realize the damage this condition can bring about in their bodies. Frequently there are distinct issues in the patient’s life, and they are going to be dealt with, too. One crucial area of work is going to be to motivate the patient to communicate in a more open fashion and focus on his or her inner thoughts.

Bulimia can be fatal, but it can also be successfully beaten and resolved. The patient’s family need to be involved and provide as much support as possible. Added supportive efforts may consist of group therapy as the patient works to get well from the disorder. The overall key to victory with bulimia is when the person battling with it can express that he or she has this problem. The acknowledgement must be present that one’s outlook and view concerning eating is altered and causing this problem.

EICMS (Enterprise Information and Communication Management System)

DMS Document Management System, CMS Correspondence Management System, TMS Timesheet Management, Project Management, PMS Performance Management System, ISSUE Management, Discussion and Communication Management, Scheduler, Reports You Think of it and We have it in EICMS -Enterprise Information and Communication and Management System

A single integrated system acting as a key tool for Information communication in the Enterprise. Creation of Project, Planning of Projects, Resource Allocation, Setting up of Project based milestones and monitoring the time spent by resources in delivering the project tasks, all these are tightly integrated to form a Information management and communication system.

Once the tasks are tightly coupled and involvement of multi level, multi location top down and bottom up hierarchy is involved, the only single common binding factor of communication needs to be properly channelized. Communication is the key to success in Project. The triggering point of communication being the client and the terminating point being the entry level developer. Different types of communication like private and public communications, tagged and untagged communication, project related and social discussions can be retrieved and sent at ease.

Communication across people may lead to issues and escalations. EICMS is master in handling issues and escalations related to projects ensuring the on time delivery of simultaneous projects. The concept of paperless organization is no more a concept. EICMS has made it a reality by having a central pool of documents. The pooled documentation vault gives opportunity to make use of necessary documents depending on the functional expertise. It also serves as an effective tool of sharing valuable information and avoids data duplication.

EICMS Helps in Monitoring
1) Project Status 2) Employee Productivity 3) Employee Performance 4) Communication Traces

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Post being on EICMS the difference in the organization’s operations, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity cannot be overlooked. Once convinced of the quick value added results the organizations can migrate themselves to EICMS -Enterprise application, making it their information and communication lifeline.